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admin | 10/14/12 8:38pm

The American Word is American University’s student-run general interest magazine. The organization’s five sections are Around DC, Lifestyle, On the Quad, Politics and Sports and was originally established in 1999 as an online-only publication by Ben Kendrick and Leah Krauss. From its inception, the magazine has been focused on examining issues in-depth from as many sides as possible. However, American Word went through a brief hiatus from in 2004 and 2005, when Adam Glazer relaunched the organization.

When Glazer brought the magazine back to life, it was in order to bring a more refined sense of community to AU students and provide members of the community with pertinent information in an unbiased forum. Since then, the organization has has been continued for the last eight years and went through an exciting revitalization during the summer of 2013 as the logo, design and structure of the organization changed.

Here is our E-Board, who you may email by clicking on their name, for the 2013-14 school year:

  • Around DC Editor: Maddi Pariser 
  • Design Editor: Allie Powell
  • Director of Marketing: Lilly McGee
  • Editor-in-Chief: Mercedes McKeel
  • Lifestyle Editor: Mary Hamula
  • Managing Editor: Katie Johnson
  • On the Quad Editor: Lindsay Maizland
  • Photo Editor: Jaclyn Merica
  • Politics Editor: TBA (Still accepting applications)
  • Sports Editor: Michael Gardner
  • Web Editor: TBA (Still accepting applications)

To read more about our history, click here, and to contact us, click here.