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10 Things I Think I Think: SG Secretary Rosemary Cipriano



Photo credit: Sophia Wirth/AU Photo Collective

10 Things I Think I Think” is a weekly feature in which The American Word interviews campus figures. We transcribe 10 concise thoughts in the subject’s own voice, and provide their detailed quote below the statement. Rosemary Cipriano, the AUSG Secretary, discusses Fight Club, Biggie versus Tupac and why she spoke in a British accent for an entire summer.




1. My friends and I are so into Harry Potter that we only spoke in British accents for an entire summer.

“I got into it really late; I started the first book when the last one came out. I just became obsessed to the point where one summer me and my friends only spoke in British accents [laughing]. I guess now on my performance resumes I can put that I can do a British accent.”

2. I became a vegetarian after getting really stressed from college applications.

“I was stressing out so much I got knots in my stomach; it was like permanently stressed and nervous because I was so high-strung about college applications. I just couldn’t digest anything and I remember I had a hamburger once and I thought I would puke. After that I told myself no more meat.”

3. Tupac or Biggie? C’mon. Biggie. AND Kanye is the best rapper right now.

“I had this little black, super old Elantra back in high school but it had this amazingly new sound system. Me and my friend love old school rap and we would blast it in the parking lot after school. It was so funny because it was these two little white girls blasting Biggie. And even though I didn’t like Yeezus, I have to say Kanye is the best rapper right now because of his musicianship. He uses all the elements and doesn’t leave it to just the lyrics or the video or the beat. He has it all.”

4. This is the greatest thing on the internet:


“I post this on Facebook every couple of months and no one likes it! Come on, guys!”

5. I first fell in love with the theatre when I was 6 or 7 and I was watching my sister in a play called “Once Upon A Mattress.”

“It was this ridiculous show about the princess and the pea and I loved it; it was so good. She was in high school and I fell in love with it. I would watch her VHS of it ALL THE TIME and I’d memorize all the music on all the ultimate Broadway CDs. I guess that’s the point when I couldn’t stop listening to Broadway music.”

6. I hate that no one knows what I actually do for SG.

“Students don’t really understand what I do. When they hear ‘secretary,’ they think I take notes which is the opposite of what I actually do. I do comm and outreach stuff, make sure social media is up to date and manage a lot of different departments. It’s the most thankless job. You can thank Pat [Kelly] for advocacy, you can thank Julia [Reinstein] for awesome events and you can thank Ben [Johnson] for giving you money for your event but you don’t really know how to thank me. I’m not really a secretary, I’m like the chancellor of communications.”

7. If I wasn’t involved with SG, I would be doing something with Queers and Allies.

“Basic human rights are just important to me. I cried when DOMA was ended. I’m straight but this stuff really gets to me. Everyone should be given equal rights and if I can’t see [Queers and Allies Executive Director] Tyler [Bowders] walk down the aisle ever, that would make me cry. Now that he can walk down the aisle, that will make me cry for better reasons.”

8. I’m absolutely in love with Chuck Palaniuk, the author of Fight Club.

“What he likes to do is he doesn’t tell you the story right away. He leads up to it and gives you bits and pieces and you hit a point in the book when you’re like what else could possibly happen?! Then he smacks you in the face with something and you’re like now I can’t put the book down and then you read through it. That’s how all of his books are and I fell in love with his style of writing.”

9. I hope to be like Patti LuPone and Barbra Streisand 20 years from now.

“I just want to be at that point in my career where my name can get me into things. I want to have my own concerts where people come to hear just me sing; I want to make people happy with my singing.”

10. My favorite movies are Fight Club and Sixteen Candles, even though they’re completely opposite of each other.

“I’m a TV or movie person depending on my mood. I have an extensive movie collection; I’m obsessed with them because I want to be in them one day.”