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Best-kept secret includes swing dancing, theatre

Katarzyna Strycharz | 1/12/14 4:26pm

Located at 7300 MacArthur Blvd in Glen Echo, Maryland, just off I-495, Glen Echo Park is a hidden gem nestled in the D.C. area. Despite its recent chartering in 2002, Glen Echo Park is flourishing in every way possible.

Funded by an operating grant from the Maryland State Arts Council, the Montgomery County government and the Arts and Humanities Council of Montgomery County, The Glen Echo Park Partnership for Arts and Culture has something to offer everyone.

When you pull into the large parking lot of the locale, you are immediately greeted by an unparalleled warm and welcoming atmosphere. Walking through the main gates of the park, you come across the indoor carousel, various studios, the Pottery Gallery, the Adventure Theatre, the Ballroom Café, picnic area and children’s playground.

In just a short walk across the park, your brain will have a hard time keeping up with your eyes—the park is filled with animate activity.

However, its physical beauty is not the only thing the park offers. There are activities for every age group to enjoy. Children can choose from a range of activities, like the Junior Rangers Program, theatre productions, music and visual arts classes including Working with Wood, Mythical Clay Dragons and Beasts and more!

A range of parent and child classes are also offered, where guardians and their pupils can learn skills and topics such as Egyptian mummies and tombs, pine cone door hangers, cornhusk dolls, making a Valentine’s Day box, drawing, painting and sculpture. Families are also encouraged to attend the playgroups to meet others who appreciate the arts and culture as much as they do.

Now before you teens and adults start to worry, there is plenty for you to dip your feet into as well! One of my personal favorites are the weekly dances held in the Spanish Ballroom and Ballroom annex, with swing dancing every Saturday and country dancing each Sunday.

You’ll also find a variety of age appropriate classes in sculpture, ceramics & pottery, drawing & painting, glassblowing, photography, silversmithing, yoga, Irish Fiddling—the list goes on. Whatever your interest, Glen Echo Park allows its visitors an opportunity to develop skills or try new things.

For individuals, businesses or groups seeking a unique historic and inspiring venue, Glen Echo Park also offers facility rentals of the North Arcade building, Ballroom Annex, Bumper Car Pavilion and Spanish Ballroom. For anyone interested in visiting this magnificent establishment, the monthly calendar of events can be found at I highly suggest you take the trip!

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