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Four ways to deal with finals stress

Andrea Walton | 1/13/14 12:01pm

Ah, it’s that time of year again: an empty table is nearly impossible to find in the library, the line in the Dav is even longer than usual and TDR swipes are suddenly a rare and highly sought-after commodity. With everything from group presentations to research papers to final exams, the last few weeks of the semester are often some of the most intense.

Throw in all of your normal commitments on top of that and you’ve got the perfect recipe for some major stress. It doesn’t have to be this way, though. If just hearing the word “finals” makes your stomach turn, listen up: it is possible to get through these last few weeks of the semester and make it out alive and unscathed!

Don’t procrastinate.

For a lot of students, time management (or a lack thereof) can be one of the biggest causes of stress. The best way to prevent this problem? Don’t procrastinate. First, write everything down. Whether that’s in a planner, on a calendar or in your phone, do whatever works for you and make sure you’re aware of all impending deadlines.

Enjoy the holidays.

With all this talk about studying, deadlines and papers, it can be easy to forget that fall finals happen to coincide with the most festive time of year! No matter what winter holiday you celebrate, taking the time to celebrate can relieve a lot of stress.

Work it out.

With so many other things to work on, working out has a tendency to fall to the bottom of our lists of priorities. However, making time for exercise during finals can have major effects on your stress level. The Mayo Clinic states that exercise amps up endorphin production in the brain, helps to clear the mind and release tension, improves sleep and most importantly, lowers stress levels!

See the light at the end of the tunnel.

Ok, so I’ve told you to avoid procrastination, participate in fun holiday activities and keep up your workout routine throughout finals. I know this may sound like a lot but bear with me because we’re almost done —just like how we’re almost done with the semester! Keep in mind as you push the last few weeks that starting next week, you can sleep in for a whole month and winter break equals lots of delicious food.