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Getting to know the AU Independent Arts Collective

Mary Hamula | 4/4/14 6:07pm

Most AU students have gone to a show hosted by the Student Union Board or WVAU, but not as many have attended events planned by the AU Independent Arts Collective. A club on campus that promotes a “do-it-yourself” attitude and works to create a community dedicated to local music and art, the AUIAC plans events such as concerts, film screenings and more for AU students and the greater community.

“We give students on campus something to do that they might not have previously been exposed to, that is on campus and in a safe environment” said Christina Kelly, a member of AUIAC and a junior at AU. “I love that they gave me a place to feel comfortable on campus that was conveniently close and where I didn’t feel pressured to do things I didn’t want to do.”

AUIAC unites a variety of students who all share the same goals but choose to get involved for different reasons. “Some of my favorite people are in AUIAC, so I just kept showing up too early to things” said Hanna Huntley, a sophomore at AU. “AUIAC gives me a community that AU doesn’t provide.” AUIAC’s sense of community seems to be the biggest draw for its members.

“The AUIAC is not just a club,” said Tyler Osborne, a senior at AU, “but a group of likeminded friends and people, and it was that community that fosters motivation to actually do something that really drew me in, and has me, as well as my other club members, pushing the club to even further heights this year.”

AUIAC prides itself on being a safe and accepting place for everyone who chooses to be involved. “I think we help provide a really safe alternative environment for students on the weekend that is alcohol and drug free” said Osborne. “If you’ve been to any of our shows, you know that we have a good time, but we do all of that without having the negative factors that come with certain aspects of the ‘college experience.’”

Members focus on planning events and teaching others how to execute and run these events that often require a lot of work. They organize a variety of events at AU throughout the year. “We love metal and punk and hardcore but we also do some indie shows and were open to doing anything arts or music related” said Kelly. “We’ve done movie screenings and clothing swaps and potlucks in the past.”

They plan on continuing to expand their event variety and growing as a club. They also hope that more AU students will learn about the AUIAC and attend their events or become involved. “Our club gives real, tangible experience with event planning,” said Osborne, “and I think that’s a really important benefit of both being a part of and working with the AUIAC.”