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New Additions to AU’s Greek Community

Dinaalquassar | 4/4/14 6:11pm

The 2014 spring semester welcomed a new fraternity and sorority to AU’s Greek community, Beta Theta Phi and Alpha Xi Delta, respectively. Although neither are colonized yet, they both hope to grow into the AU Greek Life.

Beta Theta Pi was founded in Oxford, Ohio in 1839 and their core principles are mutual assistance, intellectual growth, responsible conduct, trust and integrity. It was the first fraternity to require a grade minimum and have a published constitution.

In the 1990s, the fraternity had a radical change in its structure and members, where they started to implement their principles of integrity ardently. They started the “Promises to Keep” campaign and the “Men of Principle” initiative. It has seen dramatic growth since, and an increase in their member’s GPA and discipline.

The process of recruitment for Beta Theta Pi is different from the typical rush week of other fraternities. They recruit members, sit with them personally at least three times to get to know them and make sure that they are fit to be members; and then the expectations and requirements are explained explicitly and if the member is fit, he is inducted.

Beta Theta Pi looks for “gentlemen, leaders, and scholars” said Colin Close, a Beta member who is assisting the establishment of the fraternity at AU. They hope that members
are principle-centered and adhere to values similar to those of Beta, men who are leaders on their campuses, are involved in many organizations, care about their communities, in addition to those who challenge themselves academically.

“I think that being a founding father of a fraternity is a great opportunity to leave a legacy and be a leader within a larger organization,” said Trey Yingst, a member of the fraternity, when asked why he decided to join Beta.

Beta has a record of always developing comfortably into Greek communities in other schools. “I believe the community benefits from having a new group,” said Close, “I think Beta would help push them out of their comfort zone and our partnership can help the existing fraternities and sororities grow as much as they can help us.”

Beta aims at being a model and a leader for the other Greek associations at AU and to show them how they can have a positive impact on their communities in a positive way. Beta is still in their requirement and colonization process. As to what they can give to the community, Close said, “honestly, I see a lot of honestly struggles in this community and Beta wants to show the AU Greek community that there are many different ways to start a fraternity.” Close then also added, “I believe Beta will help the AU Greek community by giving them a model on how to live by their values everyday.” Beta’s emphasis on leadership will greatly share the way they contribute to AU.

Alpha Xi Delta is a sorority founded Galesburg, Illinois in 1893 and their core principles are knowledge, leadership, service, and sisterhood. Although AXiD’s AU chapter is not colonized yet, it is recruiting members and establishing itself as a member of the Greek community at AU. In order to become a member, a member interest form is to be filled out and then a meeting with one of the staff members occurs. The sorority holds different events on campus to attract students. For their future plans, Kenya Alvarado, a sophomore at AU and a new member of the sorority said, “We would love to have the chance to create a sisterhood that is later known for their exceptional philanthropy involvement, strong sisterhood, and outstanding academic work here at American University.” The Greek life community at AU has been very welcoming and supportive of the new sorority and it is assisting them in their transition. “We plan on being just as involved in the Greek community as the other organizations on campus” said Alvarado, “and helping the community grow through our service, academics and philanthropy.” AXiD hopes that by joining the Greek community it will be able to raise awareness about its philanthropy, Autism Speaks, and build genuine relationships with the other fraternities and sororities at AU.