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10 Things I Think I Think: Abby Dunn

AUSG Comptroller 2014-2015

Rathna Muralidharan | 5/13/14 3:38pm

1. “Talking About a Revolution” by Tracy Chapman is my anthem for my years at AU.
“A lot of the things I do and have done this far in college on and off campus have been done with a goal of revolution. I believe in calling out oppression and tearing down systems that don’t work. To me revolutionary thought is so powerful – the idea that we can be better, do more for each other. Coming around to the idea that you don’t have to accept the framework you’re in has been so important for me during my years at AU so far.”

2. I’m looking forward to working on expanding AU’s resources for sexual assault survivors, because I feel like that’s a major area in which AU could develop.
“There are a lot of answers I could give for this, because I think AU could change a lot. I really think we could do so much more to be expanding the resources for survivors of sexual assault on campus. Sexual violence is something I’ve worked on for a long time and I just think we could be doing so much more prevention-wise, and education-wise and resources for survivors.”

3. High school musical is my guilty pleasure.
“I love the High School Musical franchise. I love it. It’s just so bad, the acting is AWFUL, and it’s just seeping with hetero-normativity, but I just eat that shit up.”

4. If I were a bird, I’d be an albatross because of their big wing span.
“The thought of being something that could fly, means to me, not having to play by the normal rules. And, I kind of love the idea of that. I feel like birds cheat the game and are not like all the other animals, and I like the idea of being able to go wherever I want in whenever I want.”

5. My embarrassing high school phase was as a liberal democrat.
“Up through my first semester at AU and all through high school, I was very gung-ho Democratic Party and yay, Ready for Hillary. It’s not that I hate the Democratic party, I really don’t, it’s just that I’ve moved further to the left since then… I’m a little embarrassed by my super-liberal feminism phase.”

6. I’m looking forward to fighting for more financial aid and less tuition next year.
“I am so excited for the budget cycle to be coming around actually. Because obviously, it’s going to be tough, but I’m very passionate about working to eliminate student debt and I’m so excite dot be working on ways to keep tuition as low as possible. The Board of Trustees want tuition to go up a lot. I’m excited to work with the people and the other students in SG; I think that that could be really productive. But honestly, it’s going to be during tuition battles, getting them to see the rational in not raising it astronomically.”

7. I’d love to just drink coffee for the rest of my life.
“My Favorite spot in AU is hands down the Mud box I practically live there. Honestly if I could like sit down and drink coffee forever, I would.”

8. I’d like to continue working against sexual violence after I leave AU.
“My plan is to go to law school, so in 10 years, the plan is to have been out of law school already. I do want to work in reproductive law; either that, or prison system reform or something with sexual violence.”

9. I’m passionate about organizing people around a cause, and wish I could be more effective.
“I would like to believe that my superpower is the ability to get people to care about things. From doing organizing work, it’s hard to get people out there and want to be involved in whatever cause you’re working on. So I, do a lot of work in reproductive justice and it’s really hard to get people out there and want to speak about that. In ten years, I still see myself going to protests and organizing rallies and shit like that, I hop so, at least.”

10. I love rainy day Sundays.
“I’m always hoping it’s raining. And its also has to take all day, because my Sundays are always packed with meetings. If I get lazy Sundays I’m always hoping it’s raining, and—this is going to sounds so stereotypical—But I’m reading, I never get free time to read.”