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The Perfect Spot for a Spring Fling with your Holistic Health Nut

Charlotte Prud’Homme | 5/13/14 12:22pm

Down Macomb Street past 2Amy’s and Cactus Cantina, you will find Hawthorne Organic Juice Bar & Homemade Marketplace across the way. Flourishing from spring fever, Hawthorne’s is not your average juice bar. It is also the grab-and-go hub for prepared foods, an organic produce market and killer lunch stop serving soups, salads, sandwiches and sweets! Complete with outdoors seating surrounded with potted herbs and flowers, it is the ultimate springtime destination. Not only is it a five-minute walk from The Berkshire and The Avalon but it is also on the way to Cathedral Court and Cathedral Heights, making it the ideal central location for AU students everywhere.

Hawthorne’s is the perfect spot for a spring fling. You can impress your health-conscious significant other by downing a green smoothie or enjoying a freshly pressed Panini in the comfort of a hip hangout. The bright orange and green walls create an atmosphere filled with good vibes and positive energy. Sit at the bar and sip your juice in a mason jar, or take it to go! If you are looking for a healthy alternative to juice, the fridge is always stocked with grab-and-go salads made fresh daily in house, and locally baked vegan/gluten free goods. Personally, my favorite is the garlicky kale, which I pair with the soup of the day, which varies from lentil vegetable to carrot ginger. Hawthorne’s famous Tuna Melt Panini will make your day with its delicious melted cheese on earthy whole grain bread. For the vegan tired of the typical salad, munch on the beloved vegan burrito packed full of plenty of veggies and tofu. The Green Goddess smoothie is a must have. Pineapple and mango brilliantly mask the taste of greens, while cups of spinach and kale are blended and made perfectly sweet to add nutritional value. Include peanut or almond butter, flax or chia seeds, or protein powder in any smoothie to boost it up the protein. Lets face it, what is better than a cool and refreshing smoothie in the D.C. humidity?

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If you’re looking to go green, or get your daily dose of veggies, opt for the fresh juices made to order. They are perfectly complimented with ingredients such as ginger, lime, lemon, or garlic. Choose from Hawthorne’s extensive menu or create your own. While the Immune Builder and Beety Green Liver Cleanse, a college must, got me through the winter time, the Glowing Skin and Hawthorne Effect will help me look and feel my best for a fresh spring start.

The founder and owner of Hawthorne’s, Jo Anna Hawthorne, took me to the farmers market by the National Cathedral where she introduced me to the majority of Hawthorne’s vendors. As we carried crates of apples, carrots, beets, and oranges to the car I looked at the license plates of all the farmers’ trucks. Hawthorne’s providers include Pennsylvania, Maryland, New York, and Virginia sustainable farms. Hawthorne also supports artisan cooks who make jarred pickled goods, including beets and garlic. These quirky mason jars are great to bring to a party or potluck for guests to munch on pre and post meal (fermented foods for optimal digestion!). Fresh hummus is available, and is deliciously paired with homemade pita chips.

I always go to Hawthorne’s even if I’m looking for something a little simpler, perhaps a jalapeño ginger tea to ward off a cold or spring allergies and a bag of protein packed edamame to snack on and curb hunger during class. Bring your friends, and your dates, to a socially conscious and healthful minded environment that shows off your AU community. College can get the best of your body, but most importantly your brain, so make your dates count not only on your calendar, but also for your physical well-being. Visit Hawthorne for adventure, food, energy and wellbeing.