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Experience D.C.’s Diversity at the Georgetown Flea Market

Lindsay Maizland | 10/1/14 11:36pm

Lindsay Maizland /

Going to college in a city has many perks: an abundance of internship opportunities, easy access to public transportation and tons of restaurant options, to name a few. We have the best of both worlds with a traditional college campus to relax on and a diverse metropolis to explore.

But many students don’t get to know D.C. as well as we should, myself included. I spend most of my time either studying on campus or visiting popular tourist spots in the city. I tend to only interact with other college students and professors; rarely (if ever) do I form relationships with actual D.C. residents.

Photo by: Lindsay Maizland

Photo by: Lindsay Maizland

Photo by: Lindsay Maizland

Last Sunday my friend and I headed to Georgetown to shop and have Thai. On the bus ride there, we spotted the Georgetown Flea Market. We hopped off the bus and started browsing through the various tents.

The Flea Market is located at the intersection of Wisconsin Ave. and 34th St. across the street from Safeway. It is open every Sunday from 8:00 to 4:00.

Multicolored harem pants from Thailand and handmade stone necklaces were sold at one booth. Used books and antique camera equipment were sold at another.

But even more interesting than the products on display were the people selling them. Everyone was incredibly friendly and eager to talk.

Yilmaz, originally from Turkey, sold antiques from his country. He said that he has been spending Sundays at the market for the past 20 years. After explaining that he loves meeting new people, we discussed Turkish politics and he encouraged me to cherish my education.

As I admired a pearl necklace, Jane, a native of Shenzhen, China, talked about her husband’s adventure biking through Tibet over the summer. She recommended that if I ever visit Tibet I should bring a sturdy tent and good pair of shoes.

Visiting the Georgetown Flea Market will now be weekly occurrence as I try to branch out from friendships on campus and build new friendships with people off campus.