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Demystifying Metro Buses

How to save time and money by taking the bus

Jessica Balerna | 1/16/15 2:51pm
| Updated 2/16/15 4:02pm

Sick of weekend track work on the metro? Can’t afford to Uber everywhere? Don’t know how to work the metro bus system? Yes, yes, and yes? Don’t fear, AU’s Green Eagles, an on- and off-campus sustainability group, have found a way to make riding the bus a total breeze! Here’s all you need to know to have an amazing weekend:


Get on: Any of the 30’s heading South. Pick up is in Tenleytown in front of Best Buy.

Get off: M St. and Wisconsin Ave.

How long? 17 minutes

What to visit? Baked and Wired, Potomac Waterfront, Urban Outfitters, AMC Georgetown.

Dupont Circle:

Get on: N2, 3, 4, or 6 towards Farragut Square. Pick up is across from SIS or on Massachusetts Ave.

Get off: Connecticut Ave. and Dupont Circle.

How long? 19 minutes

What to visit? Kramer Books, Krispy Kreme, Front Page, Mad Hatter, Golden Brown Delicious

Friendship Heights:

Get on: N6 or any of the 30s towards Friendship Heights. Pick up is in Tenleytown across from the Public Library or outside Katzen.

Get off: Friendship Heights (last stop)

How long? 9 minutes

What to visit? H&M, Maggianos, T.J. Maxx, AMC Theater, Cheesecake Factory

Adams Morgan:

Get on: 96 towards Capitol Heights. Pick up is in Tenleytown in front of Best Buy.

Get off: NW Columbia Rd. and NW 18th St.

How long? 14 minutes

What to visit? Tryst, Open City, Smithsonian National Zoo, The Diner, Amsterdam Falafel


Get on: 96 towards Capital Heights. Pick up is at Van Ness and Wisconsin (Near McDonald’s)

Get off: U St. and 13th St.

How long? 23 minutes

What to visit? Ben’s Chili Bowl, 930 Club, U-Street Music Hall, African American Civil War Memorial and Museum

Eastern Market

Get on: 30N towards Naylor Rd. Pick up is in Tenleytown in front of Best Buy.

Get off: Pennsylvania Ave. and 8th St. SE.

How long? 44 minutes

What to visit? Street and flea markets. Sunday mornings are the best.

The best part? The bus costs $1.75 no matter where you’re going, and up to 2 hours after your first trip, your transfers are free. So, do yourself, your wallet, and the environment a favor: take the bus.