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Love at First Swipe

Brieanna Bookter | 1/16/15 3:49pm
| Updated 1/16/15 3:49pm

I always dreamed of falling in love at first sight. Yet I realize this is the twenty-first century and men now court ladies by making them their #WomanCrushWednesday on Twitter. I laughed at the idea of “love at first swipe” that supposedly could result from using the popular dating app, Tinder.

According to the company’s official website, Tinder “is the fun way to connect with new and interesting people around you.” In my case, I used Tinder as free version of

Others use Tinder as a version of “hot or not.”

You judge a person’s profile picture, swiping right if they are hot and left if they are not. For the hopeless romantics or the shy who are looking for a date, you hope that those you swipe right for also swipe right for you and you get that “It’s a match!” notification. Matches have the ability to message and essentially flirt with one another.

I downloaded Tinder with zero expectations on finding anything serious. In my mind, a Tinderella moment was not in my future. I began using the app at the beginning of summer 2014. All summer I was sent cheesy lines, explicit demands and awkward hellos from forty year old men who were hugging their children in their profile pictures.

Some of the wittiest (and sometimes disturbing) messages have gone viral, such as “I’m gonna buy a tub of green paint, smear it all over you and spank you like a disobedient avocado.” With the trend of outrageous and usually obnoxious Tinder messages, Tinder seemed to truly be all fun and games; people did not find any hope in the app when it came to monogamy.

Despite the numbers that have been reported by that 40 million Americans were using online dating sites and that eHarmony-conducted study showing one in three marriages are a result from online dating, I didn’t think a stable relationship could form from meeting online.

My Tinderella Moment

I swiped right, not thinking that he would one, actually message me and two, actually impress me. I swiped right thinking he was just another cute guy that happened to fall in my fifty mile radius that night. I swiped right and was hit with those three beautiful words, “It’s a match!” Soon after we matched, I received a notification “Alex sent you a message.” There were no cheesy lines, no explicit demands and he was definitely not forty years old with children.

After a night of chatting, he gave me his number and I decided to text him the next day. Today, we are happily together and enjoy laughing about how Tinder set us up.

You may not marry one of your Tinder matches. You may not even ever meet one.

But take my advice, and give your match a chance after swiping right.