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3 Restaurants, 3 Metro Stops

Charlotte Prud’Homme | 5/15/15 7:34pm
| Updated 5/15/15 7:37pm


Looking for a new corner coffee shop to spend weekday afternoons off campus? We’ve found an incredibly charming one. Slipstream has a clean, modern feel with an inspirational crowd of 20-somethings sipping on caffeine and a menu that will keep you going back for more. If you’re a night owl, they also serve dinner! This place is a perfect fusion between unique cuisine and hip decor. The open concept layout, barstools and tables make it the perfect place to take a date, work with a group on a project or just spend time relaxing and studying. The back wall of the cafe has a backsplash of color with a hand painted mural and a sky light that illuminates the whole room. My personal favorite Slipstream snack is the thick, hearty slices of perfectly toasted bread sporting goat cheese mousse and generous slices of avocado. If you’re not one for goat cheese, the toast with house made jam and creme fraiche is equally killer. The much raved about breakfast bowl is also a go-to, filled with buttered rice, shaved radish, asparagus and a poached egg. When I’m within a mile radius of this place, I will stop to get a date latte with house made cashew milk.

China Chilcano

The debatably perfect fusion between Peruvian and Asian cuisine has arrived. Chef Jose Andrews, owner of Jaleo (familiar to AU students for its two close locations in Bethesda and Georgetown), has done it again. China Chicano is a masterpiece of flavor and decor. If you decide to head there for a meal, be prepared to drop some cash. But if you like to treat yourself to unique flavors, excellent service and quality ingredients, China Chilcano is worth it. Our waiter answered question after question about the menu and was truly invested, hoping to provide us with a great first experience. The small-plate approach had me salivating at every course, enjoying the unique combination of flavors; I didn’t want it to end. My meal began with the Lucky 12, a combination of their shrimp, pork, and chicken “Siu Mai” – dumplings served in authentic stacked containers. They came perfectly warm and melted in my mouth. The presentation of all the dishes was fantastic and had heads turning throughout the restaurant as everybody peaked at what their neighbor had ordered. My other favorite was the Ceviche classico la mar made with fresh market fish, sweet potato, red onion, cilantro, and lightly toasted pieces of corn which brought a sweet crunchy texture to the soft flavors of fish and sweet potato. After many other plates, I enjoyed a special quinoa Horchata, which is a traditional, slightly sweet and spiced grain based milk drink. When you visit China Chicano, prepare your taste buds and your mind to enjoy something new.

Compass Rose

Compass rose is one of my favorite restaurants in D.C. I bring visiting family and friends in hopes that they savor the much watering specialties as much as I do, and guess what? They always do. If I could describe it in two words it would be “hidden gem.” Classified as Gastropubs, Mediterranean and Ethnic Food on Yelp, it is a unique blend of flavors revolving around street food dishes. The restaurant is rumored to be owned by the wife of an international news correspondent, and the menu is inspired by the global street food she discovered. This restaurant is small and bumpin’ which may often mean there is a wait, but the surrounding area is full of shops, bars and side streets worth exploring. There are three “must-have” appetizers on the menu, and the rest is up to you to try:

1) The khachapuri:

This cheesy egg bread is out of this world. I highly recommend sharing it with friends. The bread is delivered to the table, and the server cracks an egg in it, mixes it up, and after a few minutes of steaming goodness, it is ready for you to dig in.

2) Spanish potatoes with spicy tomato sauce and special aioli drizzle sauce:

These are probably the best potatoes I’ve ever had. I’ve never thought to pair them with tomato sauce, let alone with the creamy garlicky touch of dressing on top. Hot, baked to a crisp and savory, I can’t think of a better way to start off a meal.

3) Berkshire Pork St. Louis Ribs:

Ribs, ribs, ribs. Who doesn’t love ‘em. But these are extra special and savory and tender. Trust me, you need to gnaw on these bad boys.

I love that the menu has listed which country each food is from. Jet-set around the world for dinner here.