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Destress for Finals

Olivia So | 5/15/15 8:06pm
| Updated 5/15/15 8:07pm

It comes as no surprise that everyone is freaking out during the last few weeks of the semester. Summer is almost here, but not without a huge load of assignments and exams. And with end-of-school season looming large, what better time than now to figure out a few ways to chill-out? Here are some ways to de-stress that are totally easy and effective.

Tune it out all out.

Super chill music like Fantasy by Alina Baraz for example, are a no-sweat way to take a mental vacation without all the stress of, well, actually planning anything. If you don’t like listening to slow music, ambient noise works just as well. offers a variety of background noises to help take the stress away. Practice some deep breathing exercise as you listen. It’s like meditating without having to hit up a yoga class (though this is a great way to unwind too!).

Go Outside.

Take advantage of the incoming warmer weather and make a goal to wander around campus or nearby neighborhoods. Use this time to pay attention to little details like the cracks on the sidewalk or the different colors of the houses you pass by. Either way, this will get your brain out of a rut and help you forget about schoolwork for the time being.

Hit the gym.

Take a break from sitting down and head to the Bender or Cassell Gym. Even if working out is not your thing, taking a brief 10-minute jog on the treadmill will help you loosen up. Running is a great way to take out any form of frustration. After your workout, indulge in a smoothie from Megabytes as a reward.