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Things I Think I Think: Jack Fitzpatrick

Mary Hamula | 5/15/15 8:27pm

1. Olive oil and salt make everything better.

I like to think I’m a gourmet chef when I am cooking in my little galley kitchen, which may or may not be true. Here is the thing — throwing a little robust extra virgin olive oil and some sea salt on anything from steamed green beans to Krave cereal can turn a regular night of Netflix into a luxurious night of Netflix.

2. Quality programming leads to a better student experience.

The reason that I ran for this position is because I knew how important events and other programming campus wide are in terms of school spirit and AU pride. I think SG should be putting on events, especially through KPU and SUB, that are memorable and enriching aspects of the student experience.

3. All college students should take a few classes (in a perfect world, a minor) in communication.

Maybe I am a bit biased being a Public Communication major, but it is so important to understand the media, especially the digital media environment, that has shaped our world. This field can enhance one’s skills in pretty much every single career path.

4. My retail experience has shaped me as a person.

I have worked in specialty food retail in Bethesda, MD since my freshman year, selling loose-leaf tea and, more recently, California Olive Oil and Vinegar. Marketing, interpersonal communication, and a myriad of other skills have characterized my learning in this environment, but I also have met some of the kindest and most interesting people.

5. If I could be any animal, I’d like to be a bird.

Really, any bird would do. I’m 110% into the idea of having wings. On a similar note, bats are not birds. Contrary to popular belief, these blind nocturnal flying mammals which use echolocation to understand their surroundings are not directly related to our feathered friends soaring through the sky.