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Things I Think I Think: Jake Stone

Mary Hamula | 5/15/15 8:31pm
| Updated 5/15/15 8:32pm

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1. I am so excited to be in the room with the Board of Trustees because they need to be held accountable to the students.

I want to push them to deal with the multitude of issues on this campus, specifically divestment, sexual assault, student debt, and racism. These are all too important to be put off year after year for the sake of profits or politics.

2. Muenster cheese is my favorite food and I crave it constantly.

One time, I ate an ENTIRE BLOCK in a single sitting, instead of eating lunch. It is not surprising that I felt sick for multiple days thereafter. I also didn’t learn my lesson and did it again less than a month later.

3. I admire too many people on this campus – it is overwhelming.

I constantly meet so many powerful, brilliant and stunning people. They are leaders, community organizers, fighters and friends. I have never felt as lucky as I do now that I attend AU and have the ability to work on social justice issues alongside these incredible people.

4. This upcoming month and summer I am dedicating to learning every facet and every tiny detail of SG’s budget and AU’s budget.

If I am going to be comptroller, I want to know what to be well versed and I want to be able to provide as much transparency as possible. The only way to do that is to understand every aspect of these budgets and then be able to explain it in simpler terms to our student body.

5. I always blast music when I’m in the shower and dance.

I know it doesn’t sound safe, and with my track record of clumsiness and my many concussions, it definitely is not, but I’m a risk taker.