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Fashion at Landmark Festival

Jaclyn Merica | 10/4/15 8:44pm
| Updated 10/4/15 8:53pm

Jaclyn Merica /

With ominous forecasts of rain and chilly evening temperatures, Landmark festivalgoers had a difficult task of being both fashionable and practical at last weekend’s music event on the National Mall. Attendees wore an array of pleats, prints and patterns over the two-day festival. As per Washingtonian fashion, looks ranged from classic, preppy Hill-tern to modern, hippie chic. Some of the most popular fashion items included harem pants, maxi skirts, fringe and lots of denim. Durable boots were essential for the long walks and long waits at the five stages.  

On Saturday, temperatures stayed in the upper 60’s, so layering was key.  Sweaters over maxi dresses or skirts provided the perfect amount of warmth and style. The scarves donned as fashion statements became picnic blankets while fesitvalgoers waited for the bands to perform. Umbrellas could not be brought into the West Potomac Park, so guests packed ponchos and rain gear in their bags.  When the rain started in the evening, many unprepared concertgoers flocked to the covered BWI stage.

On Sunday, the sun peaked through the clouds just enough for the layers to be shed and outfits to be fully appreciated.  Saturday night’s rain made the grounds quite muddy, so guests had to accept the dirt caking their pants and shoes.   Brave souls who dared to accessorize with hats had a difficult time when the wind picked up.  Many attendees kept warm with tribal print ponchos, giving the festival a western flare.

Overall, the fashion at Landmark Music Festival was not as ostentatious as the looks seen at Bonaroo, Lock’n, and Pilgrimage this year.  Guests kept the feel relaxed, casual, and comfortable- and we wouldn’t expect anything less from Washingtonians.


All Photos by Jaclyn Merica