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Fall & Winter Trends 2015

Tiffany Mai | 12/7/15 10:19pm
| Updated 12/7/15 10:19pm

Tiffany Mai /
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The trees are almost bare and students begin to shiver while walking to class: winter has arrived. The transition to winter doesn’t just mean that Starbucks red cups are back, it also means that your wardrobe is changing to accommodate for the colder weather. Before you start sipping on cups of pumpkin spice lattes, it’s time to update your closet with some fall and winter trends. Here are a few essential pieces for the upcoming seasons.

Mad for Plaid

From Blair Waldorf to Avril Lavigne, this checkered pattern dominates the fashion world. Whether you are preppy, grunge-y, or somewhere in between, plaid is for you.This pattern makes for great layering; plaid sweaters look stylish over collared shirts and t-shirts and can even look chic on their own. A plaid scarf or skirt is another great way to add plaid to your fall and winter wardrobes.


Sweaters are an obvious necessity in everyone’s fall and winter wardrobes. The sweater dress is an increasingly popular trend, which is great if you are tired of the classic pullover sweater. This chic look requires minimal effort and is a great substitute for pants.


It’s time to switch out sandals for a pair of ankle booties, which should be a staple in your closet. There are various forms of ankle boots that can fit into your personal style. You can easily incorporate a pair of ankle boots with jeans and a t-shirt or with a sweater and jeans.


The color camel is a huge trend this season, from jackets to mini skirts. It can worn with the classic wool coat, or even trendy biker jackets. There are so many different ways to incorporate the color camel into your wardrobe.


Last year, blanket scarves were the rave trend of the season as they can be worn in a variety of ways and are extremely flexible. Blanket scarves are still great, however, it’s been upgraded to the poncho cape this season. The poncho cape is a great layering piece to any basic outfit and is fashion’s ingenious solution for how to wear a blanket in public.