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The Golden State Warriors Can’t Be Stopped

Joe Iraola | 4/20/16 2:32pm
| Updated 4/21/16 1:42pm

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Many thought what the Chicago Bulls did in the 95-96 NBA season would never be done again. The team went 72-10, the best record in NBA history. This record was broken last week by Steph Curry and the Golden State Warriors when they played against the Memphis Grizzlies; the Warriors’ hot shooting in the first half gave them a big enough lead to cruise to victory. The team finished 73-9, breaking the Bulls’ record by one game. The Golden State Warriors are a team with star power in every position; Curry, who is the reigning NBA MVP, is looking to win the title again this year. Curry also hit his 400th three-pointer of the season against the Grizzlies, increasing his own record for most three-pointers in a season.

There is no denying that this is one of the greatest teams of all time, but the Warriors have the potential to be much more than that. They have a swagger and personality that fans love. Since the Warriors are the reigning champs and Curry is the reigning MVP, you would think the team would have haters that are jealous and don’t want to see them succeed. This is not the case, however, because of how much fun the Warriors are to watch on and off the court. All the players seem to get along with each other, and it shows with their great chemistry during games. Curry is also a player that many people can relate to; he is undersized, went to a Mid-Major college (Davidson) and had to work very hard to find ways to be successful in the NBA. It’s his creativity, trickery and long-range shooting that fans just can’t get enough of. And have you seen how adorable his daughter is?

With all this being said, there is still a championship on the line. The Warriors have the potential to be the best team in NBA history – their record may not be broken again in our lifetime. The 95-96 Bulls had their phenomenal season and ended it with an NBA championship. As happy as the Golden State players are right now, the season won’t be a success unless they win the championship. The first seed Warriors are playing the eight seed Houston Rockets in the first round of the playoffs. The Warriors lead the series (2-0), watch game three on April 21 at 9:30 p.m. on TNT.