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Preservation Hall Jazz Band Is Coming to D.C.

Maxwell Hawla | 9/19/16 3:42pm
| Updated 9/19/16 4:35pm

Shannon Brinkman

New Orleans jazz is visiting D.C. this week, giving Washingtonians a chance to experience one of history’s most influential music styles. Over a century after the first emergence of the genre, the notorious Louisiana city has retained the right to call itself the birthplace of jazz. Known as one of the country’s biggest “celebration” cities and attributed with a distinct music culture, New Orleans was at the forefront of the movements that pushed jazz forward in the 1960s. After innovating cool jazz in the early 1950s, Miles Davis brought us both modal jazz and fusion, John Coltrane incorporated spiritual transcendence and the avant-garde and Charles Mingus wrote symphonic compositions with orchestras. They all collaborated and built upon each other’s work to progress the genre.

But they all owe their respects to the Preservation Hall, located in New Orleans’ French Quarter. The hall acts as a concert venue, a record label and a non-profit organization, seeking to keep the tradition of jazz and its roots in New Orleans alive. This tradition serves as the origin of the previously mentioned artists as well as modern day musicians such as Flying Lotus (coincidentally John Coltrane’s nephew), Kamasi Washington and Kendrick Lamar. Jazz pioneers including Buddy Bolden and Jelly Roll Morton live on through the hall’s preservation.

The venue’s house band, the Preservation Hall Jazz Band, tours the world to promote its mission to a greater audience. Founded in 1963, they have put out 32 releases and collaborated with artists from outside of the jazz world. Folk legends Pete Seeger and Tom Waits and Jim James of My Morning Jacket fame, to name a few. They have even performed with indie-pop rockers Arcade Fire.

This coming Friday, Sept. 23, you can experience the Preservation Hall Jazz Band at The Lincoln Theatre on U Street. You can immerse yourself in the history and culture of 20th Century New Orleans as they perform new compositions of their own as well as old standards. Follow the link below to purchase your ticket now: