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Teenage Fanclub is Here

Angeline Rosato | 10/11/16 5:38pm
| Updated 10/11/16 5:57pm

Teenage Fanclub

Showcasing their newest album this Friday, October 14 at the 9:30 Club is Scottish alternative rock band Teenage Fanclub. It’s been six years since they last released an album, but for this group, it’s no big thing.

Founded in 1989, Teenage Fanclub has enjoyed a long career, publishing ten studio albums and two compilation albums, touring worldwide, and even performing on SNL and Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. But perhaps one of their most well-known accomplishments was in 1991, when Spin magazine awarded the band’s third album “Bandwagonesque” with Album-of-the-Year, beating out Nirvana’s “Nevermind.”

Their tenth album, “Here,” released on September 9, demonstrates a depth and sound that appeals to all. The group’s three founding members – Norman Blake (vocals, guitar), Raymond McGinley (vocals, lead guitar) and Gerard Love (vocals, bass) – wrote four songs each. Rounding out the group are drummer Francis Macdonald and keyboardist Dave McGowan. This wealth of talent gives the group a unique feel, each song different from the next. From folky hymn “Steady State” to psychedelic tune “I Have Nothing More to Say” to classic pop melody “The Darkest Part of Night,” there’s a hit for everyone.

Even if you can’t get into their songs’ styles, you can definitely relate to their message. Despite having different writers and different sounds, they contain lyrics that seem to reflect a common theme: life itself. Throughout the album, TFC takes us on their soul-searching journey, sharing stories about dealing with life’s toughest moments, about finding lifelong friendship, about falling in love. They encourage us to embrace life’s mysteries which, they can say, only deepens with age. After thirty years in the game, TFC is still kicking. And based on the success of their latest album, one thing’s for sure: they’re not going anywhere any time soon.

Check them out this Friday, 10/14 at the 9:30 Club. Doors open at 8:00pm. Click here to buy tickets.