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Northwest’s Hottest Farmer’s Market is On the Quad

“Fall” back into healthy choices.

Caroline Dowden | 11/1/16 2:37pm
| Updated 11/2/16 1:45pm

Caroline Dowden / American Word Magazine

Looking for ways to stay in good health as the weather turns extra chilly? Here is a solution that may look familiar and nutritious. As students roam about on the quad and head to their daily classes and activities, many pass by the popular setup of all things colorful and organic, AU’s Farmers Market. In its seventh year on campus, the farmers market can be found between the library and MGC every Wednesday from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.

“We have a spot at Eastern Market, which is down by the Capitol,” said Jessica Forest, an AU sophomore who works at the farmers market. Agora Farms is the name of the organic produce company that runs the farmer’s market at AU as well as Eastern Market. The company provides a helpful website for those who are looking for healthy tips and tricks.

“This is where we post our produce and some recipes, and what we’re going to have (at the market)” Forest said.

The farmers market benefits all students at AU, especially freshmen and sophomores who live on campus. “I think during freshmen and sophomore year, when you’re living in a dorm, it’s hard to click and have food that reminds you of home and whatnot”, explains senior Anna Sortino, who also works at the market. “So, being able to come here and pick up produce is a way to make you feel better about your body and to get some good food in you.”

“It’s like having a grocery store (for students) close by,” says Dan Donahue, who helps run the market here. “Too bad it’s only one day a week.”

For all other days of the week, it may still be difficult for students to seek out places on campus with beneficial sources of nutrition. Both Forest and Sortino highlight what AU could do to provide healthier options. “Fresher produce in general…I go down to TDR, or something, and for example, there are just frozen cucumbers,” says Forest. Sortino adds that the school could perhaps provide more food options in general. “You go to Subway..and there are bad options there,” she jokes.

The market provides all kinds of delicious and wholesome produce: from fresh fruits and veggies to various types of nut butters. Now that autumn has arrived, the market provides seasonal treats. “During the fall, we have pumpkin butter and apple spread, and a lot of produce in general like onions, zucchini and arugula,” Forest said.

Now that the cold weather (and soon, finals week…) is well on its way for students, it is never a bad idea to kick into a healthy lifestyle. Choosing the right foods to consume is a great start to preventing illness and not-so-great eating habits. There is no excuse not to stop by every Wednesday at the convenient location of the farmer’s market to pick up some fresh and tasty alternatives. The semester might be more than halfway done, but it’s not too late to make a pit stop.