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Brace Yourselves For a Mystical Night With Wet

Halle Howard | 11/16/16 3:02pm
| Updated 11/16/16 3:02pm

Stephanie Sian Smith

After performing at U Street Music Hall last semester, Wet, the electronic indie band known for their unique harmony and digital sound, returns to the 9:30 Club on Thursday, Nov. 17. The trio formed in Brooklyn in 2012 and is now touring their new album “Don’t You” around the country. Band members Joe Valle, Marty Sulkow and singer Kelly Zutrau work together to create an unprecedented style that radiates energetic and meaningful vibes.

The band has gained notoriety the past few years, first being featured in Jason Derulo’s hit song “Whatcha Say.” Although the band’s name was not labeled on the song or album, the sound illustrated a whole new style, and this style was different than Jason Derulo’s album or the radio as a whole. Wet mixed indie electronic with pop in a revolutionary way. This is a technique that is very popular today done by artist such as Flume and CHVRCHES. Wet served as a pioneer to electronic indie genre and will forever have a novel style.

Featured as one of NPR’s “Six Musical Discoveries You Can’t Miss” last May, Wet’s lead single “Deadwater” was described as “patient” and “swooning” by music aficionado and NPR editor Jacob Ganz. He calls it beautiful and confusing. I disagree partly, this song is magnificent and graceful but I wouldn’t describe it as confusing. I feel that it is in it’s tangible and most raw form. This is poetry – the band describes the rubble of a traumatic and hurting event in love. Lyrics describe throbbing agony: “Shaky and I’m on my knees / There are better things for me.” When love is lost, hope is all that remains. This song blatantly illustrates the beauty of resurgence. According to “Deadwater,” revival from a broken heart is grueling but crucial. So, take my and Ganz’s words into consideration, go see Wet and make a decision for yourself.

Tickets are available here.