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The “Accidental Band:” How Grouplove Became the Indie-Rock Powerhouse We Know and Love

Allie Day | 11/7/16 10:56am
| Updated 11/7/16 10:56am

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Grouplove and their eclectic, indie-rock vibes are coming to D.C. The group just released their third studio album, “Big Mess,” in September and will be performing at Echostage this Wednesday, Nov. 9 at 7 p.m. Grouplove is the perfect combination of indie-rock, pop, synth and grunge. With such a variety of unique sounds, it makes sense to think the members of the band have varying backgrounds. So, how did Grouplove come to be?

This American alternative group began in 2008 when Hannah Hooper (vocals, keyboard) met Christian Zucconi (vocals, guitar) in New York; Hooper watched him play and fell in love with his music (and him – they’re married now!). At the time, Hooper’s focus had been on art. She was a painter in New York and was planning to attend an artist residency in Crete, Greece. Then, on a whim, she invited Zucconi to Greece with her, where they met the rest of the famous quintet: Andrew Wessen (guitar, vocals), Ryan Rabin (drums) and Sean Gadd (bass, vocals). Wessen and Rabin made the trip to Greece together from Los Angeles, and Gadd made the trip from London by himself; but undeniably, after their first meeting, these five people formed an unlikely friendship, which propelled them into creating Grouplove.

The group waited about a year to pool their funds together, and then traveled to L.A. to record their debut EP, which came out later in 2010. Grouplove then started touring with Florence and the Machine, Cage the Elephant, Manchester Orchestra and Foster the People, and made appearances at a variety of music festivals. They released their first album, “Never Trust a Happy Song,” in 2011.

But, even with all of this success, London-born Gadd began having second thoughts; in 2014, he tweeted about leaving the band and eventually told his fans he needed to be with his family in London. The L.A.-based group then took on Daniel Gleeson (bass) to replace Gadd.

Fast forward two years, and Grouplove is in D.C. Their name reflects their journey; the friendship and love among band members was the force that drew them together. Don’t miss your chance to see this amazingly unique quintet, and experience their eclectic, grungy and cosmic vibes. Get your tickets here.