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Experience Eclectic Vibes with Snakehips at 9:30 Club

The duo has hits with Tinashe and Zayn.

Nancy Chong | 11/1/16 2:47pm
| Updated 11/1/16 2:47pm

Courtesy of Snakehips

Get ready to jam with Snakehips, made up of the dynamic British duo Oliver Lee and James Carter, on Friday, November 4 at 9:30 Club. The duo recently started their North American tour and are expected to bring psychedelic tunes for all electronic and R&B music lovers to dance to.

Since forming only four years ago, Snakehips has become widely known, playing in major festivals and concert venues across the world. They’ve partnered with well-known artists like Disclosure, Anderson .Paak, Zayn, Chance the Rapper and many more. The duo has created well-liked tunes like “All My Friends” and “Cruel” that keep listeners bobbing their heads to the infectious beats and lyrics.

Fusing the vibes of eclectic drum beats and soulful ‘90s music, Snakehips brings a unique sound to the electronic music sphere. Their dancefloor-friendly tracks can revitalize any music hall.

Lee and Carter formed Snakehips after meeting on separate trips to Hong Kong in 2012 while bonding over similar music tastes. From remixing popular hits to creating original songs, Snakehips incorporates influences from living in London and love for golden era R&B singers into their creations.

The duo’s first few releases, which are remixes of “It’s Too Late” and “Gold”, illuminate their appreciation for ‘90s funk that make listeners feel like they are in a disco-themed movie. Yet, their debut album also reveals new sensations with songs that range from slow jams to fast, upbeat melodies.

In addition, LAKIM, a DJ from Lynchburg, Virginia will open for Snakehips. He is known for uniting hip-hop and electronic dance music styles and held many successful collaborations with other Soulection artists.

Snakehips and LAKIM are expected to bring a soulful energy that will keep the audience dancing all night long.

Doors open at 10:00 p.m., all ages welcome. Tickets are $25 and they can be purchased here.