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SOHN Brings His Smooth Vocals and Electronic Beats to DC’s 9:30 Club

Lindsay Maizland | 3/21/17 9:32pm
| Updated 3/22/17 11:17am

Courtesy of SOHN’s Facebook

If you’re a Soundcloud fanatic like I am, staying up to date on the latest remixes and underground sounds, then you’ve probably heard one of SOHN’s tracks. The London-based songwriter and musician has remixed songs by Lana del Ray, the Weeknd and HONNE, and he released his newest album, “ Rennen,” in January. You can catch SOHN at the 9:30 Club this Friday night.

After finishing his European tour, SOHN, accompanied by a full band, brought his unique electronic and chill sound to the U.S. first stopping by SXSW and continuing on to major cities around the country. Jeff Miller, a writer for Billboard, noted that SOHN’s full band really made his performance memorable, with “a co-ed duo of drummers and a multi-instrumentalist backing him and towing the line between minimalism and aural assault.”

Miller went on to describe SOHN’s single “Signal” as “appropriately dark and mysterious, the singer’s double-tracked vocals busting through confidently and with purpose.” SOHN’s smooth vocals combine eerily with intermittent drums and bass. In a field overwhelmed with dreamy electro-pop, SOHN’s sound is truly different.

SOHN teased his American fans on Instagram before his tour by posting a simple photo of his Kawai piano and the caption, “At home <3 practicing for the US tour….” We can’t wait to see how his practicing paid off.

Tickets at the 9:30 Club are still available for $25. Get them here.