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Experiencing DC’s Abandoned Spaces

Anneliese Waters, George Howard and Jaclyn Merica | 5/4/17 9:33pm
| Updated 5/4/17 9:33pm

George Howard and Jaclyn Merica /
American Word Magazine

Though D.C. tends to be characterized by its chaotic streets, bureaucratic buildings and tourist traps, we all find spaces of sanctuary within the city. I stumbled upon an interesting path of escape when I was sent a road-trip map that explored abandoned spaces in the D.C. area. These spaces ranged from abandoned amusement parks to dilapidated bridges, each with a different story to tell. Each space has been left behind in time, showing us a bit of the past as the present starts taking over. These abandoned spaces are more than secluded spots; they are spaces that show bits of infinity within our city. We are allowed to become the weavers of a D.C. daydream. The two spaces explored in this photo essay are the Bond Bread Factory on Georgia Avenue and Forest Glen Seminary in Maryland near Rock Creek Park.