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The American Word is American University’s student-run general interest magazine. The organization’s five sections are Around DC, Lifestyle, On the Quad, Politics and Health and was originally established in 1999 as an online-only publication by Ben Kendrick and Leah Krauss. The magazine originally included a Sports section, but replaced it with the Health section in 2015. From its inception, the magazine has been focused on examining issues in-depth from as many sides as possible. However, American Word went through a brief hiatus from 2004 to 2005, when Adam Glazer relaunched the organization.

When Glazer brought the magazine back to life, it was in order to bring a more refined sense of community to AU students and provide members of the community with pertinent information in an unbiased forum. Since then, the organization has has been continued for the last eight years and went through an exciting revitalization during the summer of 2013 as the logo, design and structure of the organization changed.

Here is our E-Board for the Spring 2016 semester:

* Editor-in-Chief: Mary Hamula 
* Managing Editor: Lindsay Maizland 
* Design Editor: Tyler Berg 
* Marketing Director: Mea Stanford 
* Lifestyle Editor: Allie Day 
* Around DC Editor: Sofia Crutchfield 
* On the Quad Editor: Angeline Rosato 
* Politics Editor: Emma Ashooh 
* Health Editor: Caroline Dowden 
* Photo Editor: Jaclyn Merica 

To contact us, please email [email protected]

Corrections Policy

American Word is a student publication at American University and is editorially independent from the university. Part of American Word’s mission is to serve as a historical record of the news and events and content created by the American University community. Therefore, American Word generally does not remove content from its website , including its online Archives.

In case of a factual error, American Word’s created content will be corrected and updated with an editor’s note, but not removed. If you feel there is a factual error regarding an article, column, photo or other material created by American Word, please submit your formal request to the below address, including with your request 1) the name of the written work, 2) its author, 3) the date of publication, 4) a hyperlink to the online version, 5) the factual error in question and 6) any supporting documents. Requests should be submitted to the acting EIC at [email protected]